Evil dead 2013

Views Read Edit View history. It was aired again on 13 February , and yet again, on the night of 14 June David and Olivia find Mia and take her back to the cabin.

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Retrieved 3 May Worth a look, but if you go into this expecting the imagination and ingenuity of the Sam Raimi trilogy, and the goofball charm of Bruce Campbell, you will walk away disappointed.

Mia tearfully watches the cabin burn down egil picks up an empty amulet. Later, David finds his murdered dog along with a bloodied hammer, and goes to confront Mia, who is in the shower.

Everything that you will see is real, which was really demanding. This was a very long shoot, 70 days of shooting at night.

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It seems evl Alvarez didn't really get what made the original Evil Dead movies so successful, and so he deae eliminates the bizarre humor that made them so much fun and now goes for a bloodbath of pure gore that is entirely 201 and relies on ridiculous cheap scares. I just gave her enough sedative to put a horse to sleep!

Quite possibly the goriest film ever made by a Hollywood studio, Evil Dead is a new Horror classic, a film that accomplishes the nearly impossible task of staying true to the original's roots while standing firmly on its own. October 22, Full Review…. Olivia manages to shove Mia off, sending her tumbling down into the cellar where she is locked in by Eric.

Archived from the original on 8 October Mia tries to help him. There's a reason people use CGI; it's cheaper and faster, I hate that. They refuse, believing that she is simply experiencing the effects of withdrawal. View All Audience Reviews.

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I unleashed something, something evil. Mia begins seeing a bloody girl in the woods, and begs the group to leave because she is scared. Richard Roeper rated the film one star out of four, criticizing the film's unoriginality, the characters' lack of intelligence, and the film's reliance on gore for what he felt were cheap scares.

He digs a grave, then enters the cellar to subdue Mia, who attempts to drown him.

After the demon tells him that Mia no longer exists, he chains it up and locks the cellar door. Mia rushes into the cabin which stopped burning due to the rain and grabs a chainsaw to fight back, setting chainsaw oil in it to turn it on.

A gore fest that's just effective enough to whet fans' appetite for a sequel, even as it rvil everyone else's appetite for dinner. Season 3 The Walking Dead: Now, the way I personally like to see Evil Deadit's as a story that takes place 30 years after The Evil Dead ended. As the camera zooms into Mia in her sleep, she awakes suspiciously.

The group discover the cellar, littered with rotting animal corpses, a shotgun, and a book called the Naturom Demonto. I feel much better now. Actor Shiloh Fernandez was cast in the lead male role of David. Clockwork Within the Woods Emerging from the mud water, the demon chases Mia through the woods. Mia tears off her hand free and grabs the chainsaw. Mia then halves the Abomination with a chainsaw. It was aired again on 13 Februaryand yet again, on the night of 14 June Retrieved April 6, The release date has been set for 23 October

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