A profecia celestina

I know you can sense it. Discover the Control Dramas. In theory, the idea of staying grateful for what we […]. Books By James Redfield.

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We can surf websites, turn on the television, listen to the radio, and a plethora of voices, opinions, and reported activities prfecia instantly available […].

If you are here on this site because you are interested in our Celestine Vision initiatives. We feel trapped between deep seated desire to follow our inspirations, and the reality of having to conform to the systems around us in order to live.

A Profecia Celestina

All the Anger and Corruption we see around us is merely showing itself so it can be resolved. The Celestine Consciousness is our birthright.

Books By James Redfield. It is a wave that is building.

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Discover the Control Dramas. Because these two generations are most alarmed at a world wracked by anger pprofecia division and corruption, and these two generations will soon make up the majority of people in the world.

It offers a Positive, Contagious, Uplifting effect on others. All you need to do is hold this Consciousness on your daily path. Hate makes the object of our hatred react in defense of itself, so it seeks to grow larger proffecia more powerful through becoming even more corrupt.

a Profecia Celestina Uma Aventura Da Nova Era by James Redfield

Resources for Health and Personal Growth. Sign up for our newsletter to receive up to date information from Celestinevision.

I know you can sense it. And it creates the best life any of us as individuals can attain — a life marked by a higher Spiritual Connection… and all that flows from it: Basic needs—food, water, shelter—cannot be met without participating at least to some extent in this […].

Explore this site to see the Articles on how to turn-in to your own Spiritual Consciousness to make a dramatic effect on your life and the world. Listen to Celestine Vision Podcasts. The Celestine Prophecy Novel is now being passed around in greater numbers by Millennials and their older children— who are approaching college age. In theory, the idea of staying grateful for what we […].

Celestine Vision – The Official Author Page of James Redfield

Want to do more right away? But the Celestine Prophecy describes the rise of a higher Spiritual Consciousness that can replace the fear and hatred. The book depicts another future, one born of a loving honesty that can shine light on the darkness, and replace it with an authentic Spirituality. Are you a Millennial…or do you love one?

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