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Their are actually multiple mobile sites. Still, what happens if FunForMobile and it's database of mobile numbers is sold to someone unscrupulous? One thing that bothers me is that FunForMobile requires your mobile number as part of the registration process.

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When you register you get a PC blog which has a mobile edition. Their are actually multiple mobile sites. The PC version can be customized with images and colors can be changed using css.

Some of the pages are just too large to load on most phones, for example the "Popular Pictures" page which has just three NSFW animated gifs on it which add up to KB!. There is even a phone capabilities database that tells you the formats that your phone accepts and an active user forum where you can ask for and actually get help.

What FunForMobile does have is fro and clear instructions that explain how to use free desktop applications to convert mp3's or tracks on a CD to a ringtone format that your phone can handle.

It's a public "gallery" displaying content in eap like "Popular Pictures" or "Recent Videos" all of which can be downloaded.

The site transfers files you have already converted to mobile format, it don't seem to have any online conversion or editing capabilities like, for example, mobile Another tutorial details the process of converting videos to.

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One thing that bothers me is that FunForMobile requires your mobile number as part of the registration process. With many browsers unable to handle pages over 20 KB this is just not going to work. It's not even necessary to register mobil order to download, the PC site is searchable and you can download files to your PC for side-loading or get a number which you can use to download a file from the mobile site.

The blogs display dap profile, posts and a gallery of your uploaded files. There is no search, you have to search on the web site to get the download number and enter it on the download site mentioned above.

This review may sound negative but I actually think FunForMobile is one of the better mobile social sharing sites and that the issues I mention are minor and have workarounds. Another thing that sets FunForMobile apart from other similar sites like Zedge and Mobile9 is that it has a significant mobile web presence.

Other social features include a friends list and the ability to send private messages and share content with other users.

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The site has a good privacy policy and promises not to share, sell or misuse your information. I traced these to some bad markup in the third party ads displayed on the site. FunForMobiles's mobile blogs seem to be well used and relatively full-featured. The mobile side, particularly the mobile blogs is relatively full-featured in contrast to Zedge and Mobile9 which are strictly PC Mobille social communities with the mobile site being just a way wa download files with no mobile social interaction at all.

The blogs accept comments but do not have rss feeds!

I think it's risky to give your mobile number to anyone you don't know. Being able to receive files by MMS is a desirable feature for some users and it obviously requires giving the site your number. If you aren't using the MMS feature. Login

But the number shouldn't be required as it's not needed if you only want to download from the mobile site. Content - 's indicating the quality of the site's writing, depth, timeliness and accuracy. Uploaded files are public by default, although mobille can flag them as private. The ads fum every time you load the page and only a few of them had this problem so refreshing the page usually made the error disappear.

I also got intermittent compile errors loading various pages on FunForMobile's sites. There is another url that enables downloading content that you have marked as private.

Usability - 's indicating the usability of the site on a mobile device, based on ease and intuitivness of navigation and lack of excessive scrolling through ads dap. I ran into some errors using the mobile pages. The file numbers are assigned when you upload a file and can also be found using the PC site's search function. There's not even a link from the gallery page to the download page!

Sharing is a step beyond public where vun send a link to one of your files to another FunForMobile user.

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