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The real question is, where server location they will put at? I have asked a few experienced people so far regarding the re-roll issue, but it looks like it'll be impossible as these 2 servers are from different publishers. They are exceptionally good at ruining good games. You just need a really good internet connection. But low ping assume around 50ms.

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I know it's possible for NA to EU or vice-versa. Can't NCSoft make some stipulations at the very least? Also, what's the server you're using to be exact?

Hope I understood your question and got some right. Just now, ThatPlayer said:. Doubt many veterans are going to hop over as BnS Taiwan's ping is already pretty good with pholippines ping booster.

Blade & Soul SEA is coming! : bladeandsoul

Hint, pay attention when you're comboing LMB. People should ignore posts like this. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0. Sign in Already have an account?

Edited January 29, by iCody. Depends on wich language you like to chat with.

What server would I use if I live in the Philippines?

Server closer to you would be NA. Is this blade and soul came out in garena philiphines???

I hope others understand we need this haha. Although I'm using an 8 mbps internet so in my opinion, it would depend on your internet connection as well.

And can you came out in philiphines. Posted January 30, edited. Edited January 29, by highvolt some information.

I doubt SEA would receive the same treatment. I don't think we're on the same page xD.

Blade & Soul

Look at the ping difference between the two. I have played some game that was brought by garena - LoL,PoE I can confirm that the community is quite bad and we miss some events that we suppose to have.

You had to deliberately not read to not see any of that. China sometimes gets their updates even earlier than KR to be their testers lol. Pretty sure the ping to Thailand wont be much better then it is to Japan from Ausunless a decent English community gathers on TH i think ill stay with JP.

To find an in-depth version, please go to the wiki. At first I thought despite the ping, the game was fine because it was totally smooth, no lag in terms of normal movements, UI etc Edited January 29, by Protegy Added pic.

Its the same as yesterday. Share this post Link to bllade Share on other sites. The publisher is also a giant itself.

Blade and Soul Taiwan Guide PH | PinoyGamer - Philippines Gaming News and Community

It sucks but farming with low ping doesn't sound bad either. It would be bad for my health if they decide turn the game into cash-grubber like China BnS.

Don't waste our time cluttering the forums with threads with the information literally under your thread.

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