Blackberry device service 6.2

BlackBerry Configuration Database should be backed up periodically, so that it can be restored if the database server or database is not available. Windows Installer v 5. These could also be shared on the same server, and in this case multiple actions have to be taken to recover the functionality of all the services. Stop all BlackBerry Device Service services. The following procedure involves modifying the computer registry.

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This solution can be applied when one BlackBerry Device Service instance has experienced a failure and the server cannot be recovered; In this case, the failing server has xervice be decommissioned and new one can be set up.

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This can cause substantial damage to the Windows operating system. Log out of the current service account and log in with the new BlackBerry Device Service service account.

Open the Registry Editor. Update username and password. In the Network drive section, devive the shared network folder that the BlackBerry Administration Service uses. Select the Research In Motion folder.

Start all BlackBerry Device Service services. View Additional Details Customers with an active Enterprise support contract can view the solution of this article within our new customer community. Restore a BlackBerry Device Service instance to a different computer.

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Thank you for your feedback! Close the Registry Editor. Export the following registry keys by, selecting the File menuand then click Export. Configure any BlackBerry services that use the old BlackBerry Device Service service account to log in with the new BlackBerry Device Service service account by completing the following steps:.

B,ackberry the first stage, the installer will display a Status of Failed for the JRE 6 Update 33, and a pop-up window will appear displaying the message: Stop all BlackBerry Device Service services. Choose a location to save the file, type a file name and click Save.

How to find the SRP ID on the BlackBerry Device Service

September 12, Type: Select the new service account name from the Names list, click Addand click OK. Log in to the old BlackBerry Device Service service account. Navigate to the location of the shared network folder.

An error occurred during the installation process and the BlackBerry Device Service software did not complete April 26, Last Modified: After clicking the OK button, the installation crashes and disappears from view, leaving no error message. Click OK to exit the setup application. Disaster recovery for BlackBerry Device Service 6.

The following tasks are required to change the account used to run the BlackBerry services: Having the BlackBerry services running on both primary and standby at the same time may cause the server to lose the connection with the Relay, since the 2 instances share use the same SRP ID.

How to perform a clean uninstall of BlackBerry Device Service

To prepare for disaster recovery, it is imperative to have a backup of the BlackBerry Configuration Database. Create an administrator account for the newly created BlackBerry Service Account. If the BlackBerry Administration Service console or BlackBerry Device Service components are installed on a remote server, export the Research In Motion folder from those servers under the same registry path.

Refer to KB for more information. Document and back up the registry entries prior to implementing any changes. Click BlackBerry Administration Service.

This option can be used if the administrator wishes to have a standby instance of an existing BlackBerry Device Service server, and use it in case of failure of the blackbberry server. Configure BlackBerry Device Service services to log in with the new service account.

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