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This little icon, displaying a star, helps you filter your images by their rating. Rerun the search to update your collection. You can rotate your images directly inside of Bridge without using Photoshop or any other application. Select the image or item you want to delete, then click on the Delete Item icon. The search functionality is improved and offers a variety of options besides working much faster and more efficient.

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Selecting bridte or multiple images and clicking the Spacebar opens up a Full Screen Preview of the images. When starting Bridge for the first time, Bridge asks you, if you want it to start at login so it is instantly available when needed. Bridge isn't that difficult to learn, but there's a lot to cover to get the most out of the program.

Thanks to digital cameras and the ever-expanding storage capacity of memory cards, photographers everywhere now have the freedom and flexibility to snap as many photos as we like of family, friends, special occasions, or whatever happens to catch our eye or capture our interest and imagination.

Get Going with Adobe Bridge CS4

For example, choosing only images based on their orientation, aspect ratio, specific rating, exposure time, ISO setting and much more. If I want to view only the Landscape images, I can just click on the Landscape option, which places a checkmark to the left of the option's name, letting me know the filter is now active:.

Adobe Bridge is customizable using JavaScript. As we continue with the icons along the top left of the Bridge CS4 interface, we arrive at a small camera icon with a down-pointing arrow. Additionally you can insert extra information directly by clicking on the Info name, instead of using the File Info option which is the way to add additive Metadata. Now, we are ready to jump into Bridge to get to know the interface, different options, task based options and much more.

Inside of the Metadata workspace, you can concentrate on working with Metadata and gather a lot of information about your images or files. It's the possibility to rate and label your images using your keyboard. At this point we covered all the features at the top of the Bridge interface and now it's time to take a look at the different panels and how they work.

There's a few different ways to launch Bridge. You can choose from different formats, colors, layouts and much more. Below the workspaces in the top right of Bridge are two icons that allow us to change the quality of the thumbnails we see in the Content panel. Clicking the icon on the left tells Bridge not to generate previews at all.

Adobe Bridge - Wikipedia

Click on it to reveal a list of the files you've recently viewed and the folders you've visited. Just as a side comment, always maintain a backup of your images because it's never an issue "IF" a given hard drive might crash, it's always an issue of "when. After creating your Keywords or Sub-Keywords, you must select them from the list.

The additive Metadata can be found, changed or added through the Refine icon by selecting the image, then clicking on the Refine icon and choosing File Info.

Click on the down-pointing triangle directly to the right of the word Output to view the complete list of workspaces, including any custom workspaces you've created.

Adobe Bridge

Assigning Keywords brisge your images will help you find them faster. We can even use the keywords to have Bridge automatically add images to Smart Collections.

Image files can be shown in different sized thumbnails, slide shows or lists. Choose from 2, professionals ready to do the work for you.

To turn a filter off, simply click beidge it again. This content has been marked as final. The Folders Panel is a nice extension to the breadcrumb list and adoeb you see where you are at and what other folders you can access from there. I would like to mention some of the best enhancements in Bridge CS4.

To the right of the Filter option is the Sorting option which changes the criteria for how the thumbnails are displayed in the Content panel. Next is the Open In Camera Raw icon. Starting with Creative Cloudhowever, it has become an optional component downloaded via Creative Cloud subscription.

How does it work? To switch back to Bridge's normal size while in Compact mode, click on the Full Mode icon in the top right corner:. You can also use the keyboard shortcut. The first place to xdobe is the General section including the Appearance, Behavior and Favorite Items settings.

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