Ashrae standard 111

Relocated existing buildings and temporary structures where specified in this standard. The purpose is to provide a quantitative laboratory test method for determining the performance of Industrial Pulse Cleaned Dust Collectors using a test dust. To provide a standard laboratory test method for assessing the performance of gas-phase air cleaning devices. SCOPE This standard applies to existing buildings, portions of buildings, and complexes, including the envelope and all systems in the building.

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Relocated existing buildings and temporary standafd where specified in this standard. The guideline addresses aspects of building performance that affect occupant health and safety, including egress; chemical, biological, and radiological CBR protection; fire protection; smoke removal or purging; filtration; air quality; entrance paths for contaminants; and building envelopes.

The purpose of this standard is to provide a dictionary of uniform semantic tags.

This standard does not apply to single-family houses, multi-family structures of three stories or fewer above grade, manufactured houses mobile homes and modular homes. This guideline provides recommended procedures for effective measurement of airborne standzrd and vapor concentrations inside commercial buildings.

This standard method of test establishes a uniform method of laboratory testing for rating commercial and industrial adiabatic humidifiers. This standard provides uniform methods for laboratory testing the flow capacity of refrigerant capillary tubes.

TPS change approved February 28, 1111 purpose of this standard is to prescribe a method of testing absorption water-chilling and water-heating absorption packages to verify capacity and thermal energy input requirements at a specific set of operating conditions. The purpose of this guideline is to recommend uniform satndard methods and procedures for experimentally determining the fractionated vapor and liquid compositions of refrigerant blends under simulated leakage from containers and equipment in storage, transport, operation and service.

This standard prescribes methods for measuring temperature under laboratory and field conditions.

Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality. Standard 55 placed on continuous maintenance January 24, Anaheim.

Titles, Purposes, and Scopes

The guideline does not describe the detailed preparation of the materials to be tested prior to placing them in the metal vessel. This standard shall not be used to override any safety, health, or critical process requirements. The purpose of this standard is to provide test procedures for rating the efficiency and hot water delivery capabilities ahrae directly heated residential water heaters.

This guideline establishes a method and format for documenting inputs, assumptions, methods and outputs utilized when conducting indoor airflow and contaminant transport modeling studies. Revised TPS approved February 28, This Guideline covers rail passenger vehicles used in regularly scheduled public transportation service.

They do not discuss the comparison of collected data between different sites, nor do they recommend that data obtained be applied in this manner.

TPS - Titles, Purposes, and Scopes

New systems and equipment in existing buildings. Ventilation of Health Care Facilities. It ashdae not include air coolers of the recirculated primary liquid refrigerant type. To establish a test procedure to determine the critical solution locus of miscibile properties of a lubricant and refrigerant mixture. The purpose is to identify the minimum acceptable Commissioning Process for Buildings and Systems.

Translated Publications - Chinese

This standard establishes requirements for performing peak cooling and heating load calculations for buildings except low-rise residential buildings.

This standard prescribes a method for measuring air-change effectiveness in mechanically ventilated spaces and buildings that meet specified criteria.

This standard provides test methods and standarrd procedures for determining the capacities and cooling seasonal efficiency ratios for unitary air conditioning and heat pump equipment and heating seasonal performance factors for heat pump equipment.

Safety classifications based on toxicity and flammability data are included along with refrigerant concentration limits for the refrigerants.

Translated Publications - Chinese

Method of Test for Rating Pool Heaters. Standard Methods for Pressure Measurement. All electric rotary motor types are included. This standard establishes practices and procedures that will reduce inadvertent release ashgae halogenated refrigerants.

Revision project authorized on May 5, Standard approved for continuous maintenance March 1, This standard prescribes a method of testing the capacity of thermostatic refrigerant expansion valves for use stndard vapor-compression refrigeration systems.

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