Blind guardian nightfall in middle earth

Jophelerx , June 14th, The chorus is also most catchy, but not as Time Stands Still, but really close. Which I think actually irritates me more than if there would have been.

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It is widely regarded as one of Blind Guardian's most well-known and well-received albums in their discography. What I do have a problem with is that there are more interludes than there are actual songs here! They don't move the story along at all. Retrieved from " https: Also, this song is about 7 minutes long, and is the longest part of the album, which truly surprised me.

Nightfall in Middle-Earth - Wikipedia

As the album is progressing you are bombarded with brilliant melodies, magical and majestic choirs and vocals with quite solid, progressive and powerful drumming. AnalogKidMarch 18th, A great song, truly. These aren't third rate Italian flower metal spoken interludes which are overly dramatic and absurdly cheesy, but rather very mixed and colorful spoken additions which are of particular note to those who grew up with the stories of Guaardian Earth.

Maybe it's because I loathe virtually everything Tolkien ever wrote with a vehement and burning fucking passion, but I don't give a rat's ass about this story. In their desperation to make everything sound extremely epic, however, Blind Guardian made several mistakes.

It speaks of Morgoth and his glory and power. Hansi is a great vocalist, and he gives 22 great vocal performances. The lyrics speak of Maeglin, an elf born of an evil guardlan, and the apple does not fall far from the tree in this case.

While there are definitely some good songs, the stinkers are still there; "The Curse of Feanor", for one. Guarian, it is a blatant Queen homage and I've never been a fan of Freddie Mercury.

I don't think the Silmarillion would translate well to film I think a documentary style mini-series might work though. In fact, unorthodox instruments are used to excellent effect, supporting the metal, not subverting it.

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After hearing it, I was an instant Blind Guardian fan. Many elves on both sides perished, but the Noldor won and got their ships. And then, of course, there are the faster-paced tracks fans of the band's first three albums should love; "Mirror Mirror", "Time Stands Still" and "When Sorrow Sang" all bear their fangs sharply; though they're more visceral than the aforementioned 'epics', there's still just as nighttall detail inn in their arrangement.

Nightfall in Middle-Earth, on the other hand, pushes the agenda a little too far, almost transgressing the borders of the dreaded realm of flower metal. I don't know why, but it's just boring. It's an album that I find boring, contrite, and just lame.

It'd be quite a kickass song if not for the weak guitar blinnd. It doesn't take much away from the listening experience, but if the band had cut out all of these interludes and shortened the track listing down a bit, the album would be much better.

SilenceIsConsentJune 7th, Writing for SputnikMusic, Kyle Ward said that on this album "Blind Guardian laid down their finest instrumental performance to date.

Morgoth still remains free, and he has the Silmarils, but all otherwise seems well. I thought this was supposed to be power metal, not German time waste! Particularly with Blind Guardian's speed metal roots, a sub-genre that doesn't quite have the conservative insular mindset of black, death or even thrash metal, but still extreme nonetheless.


Check out our Discord channel here! Somewhat related - I really wonder what will happen to the LotR movie franchise after they finish The Hobbit Yet with his last and desperate stroke Fingolfin hewed the foot with Ringil, and the blood gushed forth black and smoking and filled njghtfall pits of Grond.

Elsewhere we have the album's more controversial ih. Doubtless, it will be considered the greatest Power Metal album of its decade for years to come.

And even if you are not and just searching for an epic power metal album; this is the album that gardian will hear one of the strongest, intense and melodic power metal songs.

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