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Doctor P - Sweet Shop soundcloud. Violators of this rule may be banned without notice. He's still got that unique, heavy sound but it's definitely modernized. A basic guide to telling the difference.

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That doesnt mean dubstep shouldnt be dirty, it should still, sohp just dont think dubstep is music to go nuts to like what they go for with this sound.

I like old dubstep and deep dubstep, not this fake jumpup stuff where its made only to be blasted at a rave but sound bad when not at a rave. For a more in-depth explanation of the above rules, check the wiki. Submit a new link. I used to listen to only dubstep and whatever edm was sbop monstercat but i started listening to jump up and other dnb and havent looked back.

Please read the FAQ before posting. It's ok to criticize a track but it is not ok to be an dhop about it. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Or an example or two of their songs if they are a producer? This song is just iconic.

Doctor P - Sweet Shop : dubstep

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If you can listen to it on your phone speaker, it's probably not Dubstep. I just prefer the snares to have a lot of reverb if you know what i mean, makes it feel more weighty.

Wweet listened to a few people, and i like some riddim but only really by people who make jumpup. Be respectful and eloquent when stating your opinions.


He's still got that unique, heavy sound but it's definitely modernized. I am a bot. Now im going on an nostalgia binge.

I'll try better next time. Its not bad but ive never liked that american style with the super punchy percussion. Rah safe for that i couldnt be bothered haha.

Violators of this rule may be banned without notice. I like some riddim but i dont like this style. Link to the original artist or label wherever possible. Innit, him, flux pavilion, cookie monsta, chrispy he was pretty shit but the inspector gadget remix is pretty hard stillsshop 9 modestep rusko benga skream caspa and some others all give me so much nostalgia. Dubstepit Releases tunes from reddit's own. Event listings, and more Dubstepforum. Want to add to the discussion?

Any thread breaking these rules will be removed with extreme prejudice: He's still making some pretty good sho.

Doctor P - Sweet Shop (Moksi Switch Up) by MOKSI | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Im gonna try to listen to all of them cos some of the best ukf songs are the least liked. Its cliche to say but it is the american influence, like skrillex zomboy eptic etc. I tried finding this song on other streaming platforms. Ive never liked that, even when i listened to really shit dubstep that sort of sound still was just too much. This song has occassionally been stuck in my head since about or so and I never knew the name until now.

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