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In the end, it's still a fun game and looks very nice, but it's lost the "magic" prevalent in past installments. Uploaded by BigJohnTomas Report. Archived from the original on 3 March Burnout Dominator received "favorable" reviews on both platforms according to video game review aggregator Metacritic.

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In legends there is 3 laps per race which is just terrible minding the lenght of track. The process can be continually gwme allowing the player to get a Burnout Chain. This is the only Burnout game that was not developed by Criterion Games[1] and the first Pssp game in the series since Burnout 2: With this game you're left with a track design that makes appropriate use of the characteristic drift mechanics of the Burnout series.

Takedown, with a visual style closer to that of Burnout Revenge. The best burnout domjnator I have ever played and I have played them all. In legends there is 3 laps In my opinion Dominator is way better than Legends.

Added by MrSmart Report. What all of this means is that Burnouts become extremely important to your progression through the game. Point of Impact 3: Retrieved 29 March Games you may like: Features removed from the previous game, Burnout Revengeinclude Traffic Checking the ability to ram into smaller vehicles heading in the same direction as the player's vehicleTraffic Attack Mode, Crash Mode a puzzle-orientated mode, in which one's vehicle is driven into an intersection full of traffic with the aim to cause the cominator amount of damage possibleand online multiplayer support.

See all 23 Critic Reviews. Uploaded by phdca01 Report. What an amazing achievement! Emuparadise Advertise on EP! Burnouts are the result of draining a complete boost meter without stopping. However, the lack of standard features and modes like Crash are a rather big disappointment.

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You simply can't let go of the boost button or you'll be back to square one. Uploaded by Parmie Report. The burnout games have gone downhill since the best ever burnout game, Burnout 3, I think that they should give up now.

James rates this game: Use the links above: Retrieved 17 May DrivingRacingArcadeArcadeAutomobile of players: The events and new challenges in the World Tour include:.

Mar 6, Also On: In my opinion Dominator is way better than Legends.

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Criterion Games Genre s: Replacing Revenge's Traffic Attack challenge is the new Maniac mode. Marbles 5 March Not only does this mean that you can essentially boost infinitely around the track, this increases the score that you receive for your crazed driving, which is a major part of many events now.

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