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Could not load file or assembly 'DefaultTest' or one of its dependencies. NET applications - Web content continues to be important and a hybrid model like what I'm doing in Markdown Monster is becoming more popular for a lot of things. It sounds like your main project might be set to bit while the class its referencing is set to bit.

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Also I've noticed that the performance of the application - or maybe more specifically the Web Browser controls running inside of the Markdown Monster application are noticeably more responsive. In this post I describe how Markdown Monster which started out as a 64 bit application ended up getting downgraded to 32 bit and as a result ended up running much more smoothly and reliably.

NET to perform tasks in ssp main shell UI or 'business' logic. The error indicates that IIS is not installed on the machine. Colin Nicholls December 23, But if you are running applications that deal with the WebBrowser control and you see lots of unexpected hard crashes or DOM access failures you might want to experiment to see biit running in 32 bit mode improves on the undesired behaviors.

Sign up using Email and Password. Most of the time when people moan about the WebBrowser control it's because they haven't tweaked the control to behave properly. The other issue is that the Web Browser control is a 32 bit control so no matter what there's some additional code that has to run to thunk that adds overhead and additional potential for failure.

So, I stick with what I know.

Running 32 bit web- application using IIS on Windows 64 bit.

For Any one facing this issue, this is the only way I also figured to make it work. After a lengthy Twitter conversation with Kirill Osenkeov from the Visual Studio team, I walked away with the impression that it's best to turn off the VSHost Debugging features in most cases:. Those are the worst issues to debug. We have struggled with this issue for several days to no avail.

Community Websites Community Support. For the most part the behavior between native and hosted are the same but there are a few differences.

32bit 64bit - Configuring Bit Application on a Bit IIS Server - Stack Overflow

aep When you open your Task Manager in Windows you're likely to find that a large percentage of the applications you run all day long are actually 32 bit. NET reference to the Javascript code, and that code would occasionally and somewhat randomly fail in 64 bit - in 32 bit that code never fails.

In reality this has roughly the same effect as the x86 flag since there are no pure neg bit OS's that don't allow 32 bit at the moment except the headless server versions of Windows like Nano Server and Server Core where UI applications can't run anyway.

For computationally intensive applications - and especially those dealing with integer or bit math, performance can be considerably improved with bet bit up to 2x in theory in reality much less.

As you probably know, system folders and bi paths can vary depending on whether you are running 32 bit or 64 bit. May 30, Is this content useful to you? Rick Strahl December 21, It looks very much like the WebBrowser control like Internet Explorer in general prefers running in 32 bit mode and comparing the older 64 bit version to the newer 32 bit version of Markdown Monster certainly bears that out for me.

Before I get into my application specific issues let's look at advantages and disadvantages of each of the bitness platforms. This produces a 64 and 32 bit capable binary that will run 32 bit if launched on an OS that supports 32 bit operation. Now, although I'm saying it's less likely, I'm not ruling out bugs in the WebBrowser control or the.

Server Error in '/' Application.

In Markdown Monster the switch to 32 bit from 64 bit is like night and day for application performance and stability, so to me this was a huge win. Sign up using Facebook. It offers larger 64 bit registers and these git perform some operations in a single operation that requires multiple ops on 32 bit registers due to the register size and improved instruction set.

The application initially was built using Any CPU which means it was running as 64 bit application for anybody running on a 64 bit OS. While it's a special case mostly due to the heavy interaction with several WebBrowser controls, it's still something biy keep in git when you're building desktop applications for Windows.

Most of the time I'd recommend going with the Any CPU build target which provides this auto-detect operation of the final executable. NET Applications Hi, One of them is that the host process will default and stick to 32 bit even if the Prefer 32 bit option is checked.

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