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Download Century Schoolbook Bold font Century Schoolbook is familiar to many in North America as being the typeface with which many first learned to read. It is an extensive digitisation with text figures and small caps, also adding unusual features such as asymmetric serifs. Morris Fuller Benton utilized research done by Clark University that showed young readers more quickly identified letterforms with contrasting weight, but with the lighter strokes maintaining presence. Linotype , Intertype , Monotype.

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Century Bold Bt Added: Supreme Court of the United States. USA UK 44 0 For license terms and usage rights, please visit our web site at www. However, compared to many earlier typefaces in the genre, stroke contrast is quite low, creating a less sharp and highly readable structure.

Monsterfreak Monsterchild Monster AG. Download Century Schoolbook Bold font Benton increased the x-height, the stroke width, and overall letterspacing.

Such material will be blocked immediately. The faces were issued over a period of ten years, all of which were designed by Benton and issued by A.

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Tests also showed the importance of maintaining counter-form the white space around the black letterform in recognizing the face at smaller sizes. LinotypeIntertypeMonotype.

Unless you have entered into a specific bolx agreement granting you additional rights, your use of this software is limited to your workstation for your own publishing use. It features a much more restrained level of stroke contrast. Turner Berry and A. The Encyclopedia of Type Faces. Not to be confused with Century Gothic.

Century Gothic Bold Italic Added: It is very rare, but it can be found in the Spot books by Eric Hill. The first Cyrillic adaptation, named Pioner Russian for "pioneer"was designed inand later fonnt the second adaptation was made in the scientific research institute NII "Poligrafmash".

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Century Bt Added: Retrieved 11 January It was designed by Tobias Frere-Jones and is based on Century Expandedbut the accompanying italic and bold are based upon Century Schoolbook and were designed by Richard Lipton and Christian Schwartz.

Languages Nederlands Edit links. It is an extensive digitisation with text figures and small caps, also adding unusual features such as asymmetric serifs. Printing Industries of America: This software is a valuable asset of Monotype.

Morris Fuller Benton Company: Eames Century Modern is a digitisation inspired by the family's use by furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames. Another immensely popular face for A. Benton embarked upon the creation of the cdntury planned type family, and it is this conception of "type families" that is probably Benton's single greatest achievement. Another member of the Century family which was based fotn Century Expanded. Digital versions may exist. And which, probably not coincidentally, had been introduced in the Bruce Foundry catalog of which had been printed by De Vinne.

Hughes with the stipulation from A. Theodore Low De Vinnepublisher of the Century Magazinewanted a more legible font for his magazine. The latter version acquired the name Shkol'naya Russian for "of school" and since then it has been the standard and most widely used typeface for children publications and for school textbooks in the Soviet Union and later in Russia.

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