Beginning perl for bioinformatics

I think it's the job of us perl literate scientific programmers to provide exemplars of good practice in our fields wherever possible. Logical Operators and the Range Operator 9. Limits to Computation 2. From a brief flick-through, it is clearly written and has exercises at the end of each chapter. Getting Started with Perl 2.

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String Matching and Homology Overview of PDB Representing Sequence Data 4.

I will ask him to report back! The Art of Program Design Bioperl Tutorial Script Precedence of Operations and Parentheses 9. It's more important, then, to offer introductions that bioinfromatics problems that they are already familiar with so they have at least some conceptual handle to grab onto. Restriction Maps and Restriction Enzymes 9. Choose a random nucleotide 7.

The BioPerl Wiki - Tons of information here, including a section specifically for BioPerl beginners and a series of tutorials. Restriction Enzyme Data 9. Generating Random DNA 7. I figured I'd put the list of resources up here so others could chime in. Files ror Folders With Safari, you learn the way you learn best.

Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics

View table of contents. Processing Many Files Saves and Backups 3. The Redundancy of the Genetic Code 8.

Statements and Blocks B. Gene Expression Data Using Hashes 8. Theory of Computer Science A. Debugger command summary 6.

Getting User Input from the Keyboard 5. A program with bugs 6.

Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics [Book]

Portability, Speed, and Program Maintenance 2. The Design Phase 3. A Low and Long Learning Curve 2. Command-Line Arguments and Arrays 6. Thisbook is suitable for use as a classroom textbook, for self-study,and as a reference.

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Modern Perl should really be first on that list. It actively encourages the mixing of html generation and code and shows how to build html by using the various commands from CGI. Extending Regular-Expression Sequences B.

Subroutines and Bugs 6. Using Hashes for the Genetic Code 8.

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