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And it can happen that a civilisation can be imprisoned in a linguistic contour which no longer matches the landscape of.. In actuality the actors on stage are speaking English, and when Eng Translations , set in a fictional Donegal village in , is a play about a 19th century Ordnance Survey wherein a mass Anglicization of Irish-Gaelic place names occurred. This story revolves around English officers sent to Ireland to rename cities and landmarks with "more recognizable" names. How we deal with these issues varies among cultures and peoples and nations, and I find that distinction to be interesting. They must take on the English language and English ways, or perish.

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Show 25 25 50 All. Although there are references to some of the Irish characters wanting to learn English, it is not fully clear until the first British characters show up that the English briah by the Irish characters is meant to stand in for Irish Gaelic. Language is a surefire way to either give or take power, and the history of colonialism affirms this.

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The action begins with Owen mistakenly pronounced as Roland by his English friendyounger son of the alcoholic schoolmaster Hugh and brother to lame aspiring teacher Manus, returning home after six years away in Dublin. No trivia or quizzes yet. The students argue about whether they should learn English - is it a threat that will cause them to lose their cultural identity, or is it the only way they will survive in the new world being built around them?

Jan 30, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: It not only brought back so many memories for me, but it was easier to understand as well. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

That, however, is simply one element in a play that defies categorisation and is richly realised in a production that along with Follies, also staged by a former director of the Royal Court is one of the best things to have emerged from the National Theatre under Rufus Norris.

This story is heartbreaking. In early 19th century Ireland through the 20th century the British colonial forces tried to and largely succeeded wipe out Irish as a langu Translations is a really interesting play because of the language games it engages in.

Translations by Brian Friel

Feb 22, Sarah rated it it was amazing Tdanslations The odd and challenging thing about this relationship between Irish and English is that all of the Irish characters are supposed to speak their native language, but the text of translstions play is written in English.

InBBC Radio launched a "Brian Friel Season", a series devoted a six-play season to his work, the first living playwright to be so distinguished. The English soldiers, forming a search party, rampage across Baile Beag, and Captain Lancey threatens first to shoot all livestock if Yolland is not found within twenty-four hours, then evict the villagers and destroy their homes if he is not found within forty-eight hours.

Everything about the production feels meticulously planned.


To me that somewhat undermines the point being made even if it is to make it more accessible to English speakers. There is so much to think about as an English speaking Irish person who lives in an Ireland where place names are anglicised and thought of in their English form first.

And now with a new lens and a very English education I can look around at home, as well as away, and think like Ovid: Assessment and Qualifications Alliance. I do not know if my fight is with the content of the play, or with its style.

Abroad and at home. About the only thing I can say against this play is that I'm completely incapable of imagining it inside my head.

For his bright, young protege, Maire, who yearns to escape to the US, English is the language of the future. Although intelligent enough in his own right, he appears deformed, not only in figure, but in speech, for he refuses to speak English, even if he is fluent in the language. On acceptance of the gold Torc, Friel quipped, "I knew that being made a Saoi, really getting this award, is extreme unction; it is a final anointment--Aosdana's last rites.

Add to this confusion the overlaying of ancient Greek and Latin throughout the play--meant to contentiously, I would say connect the Irish language back to the beauty of linguistic antiquity, in contrast to the flat and ugly English language--and the complications and significance of the linguistic play becomes really challenging and really complex in it postcolonial and postmodern implications about the nature of language, identity, and power.

To ask other readers questions about Translationsplease sign up. This brother Manus fits the profile of the resistant native.

Too many good plays are ruined by ridiculous tedious scenes. The whole enterprise of consciousness accelerated. Estou a fazer sentido? I love the author - kiss kiss kiss I love the content - kiss kiss kiss I love what this book stands for - kiss kiss kiss I love me I love you I love everyone who thinks this way - ffriel kiss kiss A challenging, erudite, and moving work.

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