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Clip MP3 Player Bluetooth 4. Personalized organizer Start the day on a right note with your very own customizable alarm tone. The X-Fi Style fit all my requirements.

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The ZEN X-Fi Style supports a number of different file formats, so you'll be able to use one player for all your media. As crearive the first ZEN, content stored on an SD card is only accessible through its own menu item and not integrated with media on the internal memory.

Up to 36 hours for audio playback through headphones Up to 13 hours for audio playback through built-in speaker Up to 20 hours of FM radio playback Up to 5 hours for video playback through headphones Up to 4 hours for video playback through built-in speaker As usual, actual runtimes will vary according to brightness settings, file formats and bitrates, and other factors.

Navigating contents is a breeze with the patented ZEN user interface. Good sized display, adequate for x-fl most videos. The ZEN X-Fi Style has a built-in lithium-ion battery that provides 25 hours of continuous audio playback or 5 hours of continuous video playback.

Review: Creative Zen X-Fi

Ensures a hassle-free installation when you upgrade the software later on. But while we're waiting for that one, here we have the latest in the long-running Zen series, the Creative Zen X-Fi 2.

With the supplied EP earphones, zeb first "premium" pair to ever be included with a Creative player, sound quality regardless of the settings is very good. The buttons are easy to press, provide good feedback, and are spaced out enough to prevent mis-presses, but I don't understand their value. Creative's X-Fi tech isn't just some gimmick to sell a new gen of Mp3 players, it actually provides better sound reproduction by FAR in comparison to any other Mp3 player I've heard, and I'm not an audiophile.

For warranty information about this product, please click here. The patented user interface UI found on other Creative players has been cosmetically enhanced for the ZEN and features oversized glass-like icons and submenu overlays.

Official documentation mentions compatibility with Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger, but at the moment it seems that only Creatjve own chat app is supported.

Creative Zen X-Fi Specs - CNET

Close all application windows that are currently running. You can tell it was made with care, and if it's anything like the last Zen that looks almost like this one, it's sturdy.

There's something odd about the video converter in Creative Centrale that causes some videos to flicker. User's Guide Provides information on using your player. You can jump to letters of the alphabet by pushing "right" on the main button and scrolling to the appropriate letter, and all sorts of other familiar features. When you do happen to load something the Zen X-Fi likes or you use Creative Centrale to zem the file firstwatching videos on the awesome C-fi Packaging Verified Purchase.

Warranty & Support

Pure, immaculate audio is what you will hear every single time. Clockwise from top left: See All Buying Options. The price is right microSD expansion Good earphones bundled. Overall, I am happy with the Style. My requirements for buying my latest mp3 player were simple: The product you have selected has been classified as 'End of Service Life'.

The interface allows access to all the features in the player seamlessly.

Creative Centrale isn't the best software. M was a free spirit that could play just about anything you asked it to including odd resolutionsthe Zen X-Fi is a stickler that refuses to bend, or even lean zn, the rules. Please try your search again later. The built-in speaker isn't perfect, but I'll rarely use it anyways and it's a nice addition.

There's also a "circular" keyboard that borders the screen, but the learning curve is steeper than the onscreen keypad because the keys are laid out alphabetically rather than QWERTY-ly. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Paired with the self-explanatory tactile controls, the UI has virtually no learning curve.

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