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Save your queries in templates to make them accessible on different platforms. And if you have several logins, XL-Connector keeps them for you so switching between accounts is easy. Access does not automatically create relationships between these related tables. If you want to make design changes, do it in Salesforce. If this option is not set, then the driver defaults to using the trusted CA certificates PEM file installed by the driver.

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Secure your Access database and the connection information it contains by using a trusted location and an Access database password.

Select each linked table you want to update, select OKand then select Close. Manage Excel Connections to Salesforce In addition to storing Salesforce connection in the Excel file, you can also store Salesforce connections in the registry on your computer. Using the apps for complicated reporting in Google Sheets and Excel both. When this option is enabled the key is set to 1 or LIGHTthe driver infers metadata based on a small sampling of data rather than all of the data.

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Devart Excel Add-in for Salesforce

You can manually create the relationships between new and existing tables by using the Relationships window. Since they are in the market.

In an import operation, Access never overwrites a table in the database. Want things to go smoother? The host name or IP address of a proxy server that you want to connect through.

To use this driver, you must have API access enabled. When you import data, Access salewforce a one-time, copy of the data, and so changes to data in either Access or Salesforce are not synchronized. Download Purchase a license. The Product support, Performance Consistency and Price unbeatable! Salesforce security Update, create, and delete your Salesforce data en-masse while respecting all the Salesforce security settings for each user.

During an import operation, if that name is already in use, Access appends "1" to the new table name. Get new features first. Subscribe for monthly digest to get special offers. Link to or import data from Salesforce. Connect your Google Connevtor to Salesforce. Determine the total amount of data being imported. The maximum value is Using it for more than one year i. Multiple Reports in one Spreadsheet Enhance your reporting capabilities by bringing multiple Salesforce reports into the same spreadsheet and utilizing pivot tables and charts to better present your data.

XL-Connector (formerly Enabler4Excel)

When this option is enabled 1the driver executes reports using the Analytics API. The price is excellent and the support is outstanding. Was this information helpful? Sync your google sheet with salesforce automatically Have you ever wondered how cool it would be if your Salesforce users could just edit a Google spreadsheet and all the data would get synced up with Salesforce automatically?

Expand your Office skills.


If Salesforce contains large tables, you might not be able to import them all into a single Access database. Access for Office Access More For more information, see What is the Relationships window? Thus, you can reuse them on your computer and have your Excel connected to Salesforce even if you want to share Excel files with Salesforce data without sharing connection parameters.

Schedule an auto-refresh of a SOQL query or report You can also schedule an auto-refresh of a SOQL query or report to bring the latest data from Salesforce to your spreadsheet and build all kinds of charts and pivot tables around it.

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