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For getting a quick insight into the AD replication health of an environment the Microsoft Active Directory Replication Status Tool is a very handy instrument. This is not good. After downloading it, run it. Ian C July 14, at 5:

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The entire risk of the use or the results from the use of this document remains with the user. On the Ready to Install page, click Install.

The registry key will let that server collect replication status data and send it to OMS: This option is selected by default and is the preferred option to use when running the AD Replication Status Tool.

I just need a simple tool.

The Active Directory Replication Status Tool (ADREPLSTATUS)

Click the domain for which statsu want to collect the Replication Status. Hi, The expiration issue is back again. Many admins feel the same way. For years we have become dependent on this tool as part of our daily work.

Once install, double click on the icon to run the application.

Quickly identify domain controllers that are experiencing replication errors from anywhere, using any device.

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback!

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Restrict access to the OMS portal to only an approved team of personnel. You can only select a single domain.

Get started in minutes, for free. It will discover the current configuration and replication status. After some time, the AD Replication Status tile will show you the information you crave, in near real-time: The things that are better left unspoken. It is a true honor to be a part of such a great community.

Please bring back the AD replication status tool. April 20 You can use the official Microsoft download for your on-premises Active Directory replication status needs. Ztatus 5, by Dishan M. If you till not read it you can find it in here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on rebeladm live.

You can minimize the ribbon toolbar by right-clicking on the ribbon and then click Minimize the Ribbon. In the left pane, click on Connect a data source. Use FIPS compliant cryptographic algorithms, including encryption, hashing and signing algorithms.

If you need to check replication status for more than one domain but not all domains, use the Select Targets option. This is really bad. A bit of a convoluted way to update free software but hey it is handy and free. So the fix is easy, just uninstall the currently installed version of AD Replication Status tool tlol it is installed and reinstall the one you downloaded.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. During that time, I was working with different repliication. DS Access April 11, When installation is done, click Finish. After you specify the replication boundaries, click on refresh replication status button.

And now you want me to open them to the internet and constantly send replication stats to the cloud?

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