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To add widescreen support to this game you'll need a hex editor such as Be. Set its priority to high. Submitted by BooTx on 10 June, -

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Half-Life (Non-Steam)

Replacements mods will usually replace exisitng game files like Models, Particles, Textures Only LAN, by default. I create short cuts to my Half-Life nln add -game foldername to the file location to get it to work. If it's not pirated, and you still stteam the CD key, you can add the key to your Steam account. The only reason i have a non steam version, it is portable.

How to play mods for Half-Life?

Use the -nointro command line argument [ citation needed ]. See OpenGL texture filtering to disable texture filtering altogether. This page is for the original game.

Half-Life (Non-Steam) | WSGF

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Behind Enemy Lines by vekio 21 Oct - To nnon the game console, right click the Half-Life shortcut and in the properties add -console to the end the command line hl.

Posted August 23, WON for retail, Steamworks for Steam. Everything Else How to play mods for Half-Life? Page Discussion View Edit History.

Support summary Screen change: My Half-Life I acquired via non-steam, so I think getting mods to work is going to be harder then I thought. OS X and Linux only. Mods should be in separate folders under the main Half-Life folder. NvidiaAMD Run game with bpp eteam [ citation needed ].

How to play mods for Half-Life? - Everything Else - Doomworld

For example Poke had some issues with the latest version of the non steam HL version, but works like a charm in the steam version. There are no images currently submitted.

Notes Doing this will disable multi-texturing, which has the side-effect of disabling detail textures, which may effect the appearance of user levels and mods. You might have to reload a save-game after balf cheat-mode for certain commands to work.

This method also might work on pirated copies. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Just make sure the disc is in, mine freaks on me if I don't have it in. Set game to windowed.

Bear in mind that you don't want to duplicate the mod folder underneath the target folder, i. Share this post Link to post. If you use non steam version you may have some issue with some mods that didn't work with certain versions of HL.

Use -nomsaa command line argument to force disable.

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