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July 14, []. August 26, [67]. When all but Erza begin flirting with the boys, Erza enviously proposes they play the "guild master game" a game identical to the king game , where a constantly victorious Erza orders her friends to carry out increasingly raunchy demands, much to their horror and embarrassment.

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Although Mavis is pleased with the bath, she appears to remain upset about something. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. In response to the fight, school counselor Carla gathers the students to be lectured by their principal, Plue, who gives an unintelligible speech that only Carla and a chastened Natsu understand.

Fairy Tail OVA Series

Meanwhile, the male guild members discover a periscope designed to spy on women in the guild's swimming pool from underground.

Retrieved November 22, Retrieved April 9, While following them, Lucy stops a runaway carriage that carries her own younger self, who notices the emblem on her present self's hand and becomes inspired to join the guild. Retrieved July 16, September 24, [31].

Yuri and Precht defeat the wizards and find the Sirius Orb inside the cathedral, while Warrod lures Geoffrey towards an illusion of a burning Magnolia, where he is encaged by Mavis and Zera. August 25, []. December 30, [85]. Tomo no Moto ni!

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Gildarts" " Natsu vs. After fleeing Crocus, the trio embark on a journey in search of their friends.

November 19, [39]. August 19, [66]. April 7, [99].

Feb 17, 4: Hirano, Aya Theme Song Performance. October 20, []. Retrieved March 13, After Precht saves a boy at risk of being crushed by a rotting tree, he and Mavis are directed to a bar that they quickly discover to be a branch of Blue Skull.

Retrieved 16 July Mavis prepares to cast Law, a powerful magic spell learned from Zeref, to free Yuri from the blue dragon. While playing with dolphins in the ocean, Mavis discovers an underwater temple and, hoping to prove her usefulness, goes diving to explore it in search of treasure.

This Place" by Hirano Aya eps 2: The two groups go their separate ways, fondly reminiscing the encounter. Several CDs containing the theme music and other tracks have been released by Pony Canyon. October 14, [74]. Retrieved September 20, Meanwhile, Natsu and Gray spot their younger selves fighting before getting into a brawl themselves. March 17, [96]. Retrieved May 30, Doriate" " Gurei vs.

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