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With Cogito Lab locations in both Europe and the United States, Expert System is positioned to actively participate in research projects in these markets. May — Apr Type of Funding: Its long term objective is to reduce cases of identity theft in Europe.

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The project aims at promoting new models and combat and prevention tools for identity theft in the net, for a better consumers protection.

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SPANCIP — The project aims at developing a prediction model for critical infrastructure protection based on the exploitation experf open sources.

Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information about cookies and how we use them. Horizon Scanning and Technology Watchincluding performance comparison and their overall measure of success; 2. Le applicazioni commerciali implementate come progetti pilota saranno rivolte inizialmente a Social TV, alla gestione della Brand Reputation ed a funzioni evolute per gli operatori di Call Centres.

In order to facilitate project assessment of the performance, transferability, scalability and large scale sysem of these solutions, the demonstrations will be conducted following eleven use cases. Collaboration between organizations, public administrations, university departments and cutting-edge companies activates important synergies between different skills and knowledge to create innovative technological solutions and new business models in support of economic growth.

Review of the current methodologies for technology forecasting e.

More specifically, this project aims to create a new digital model for building and monitoring cohorts in public health by using an application example in the field of mental health and to make heterogeneous data interoperable. Among the planned activities, central focus is on: Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience. Organisation of workshops involving representatives of different sectors ptojects the EU and extra-EU civil and defence technology industry, experts on technological forecasting as well as members of sydtem scientific community, in order to validate the PYTHIA methodology in different domains.

The project will put citizens at the centre of the research and will assess and evaluate how security measures affect them, and how they perceive them, while respecting EU fundamental rights.

The project will open a new branch in the market of preventative and personalized health, which is one of the wellness sectors seeing the most significant growth in the last years.

Anita will design and develop a novel knowledge-based user-centred investigation system for analysing heterogeneous text, audio, video, image online Surface Web, Deep Web, DarkNet and offline content for fighting illegal trafficking of drugs, counterfeit medicines, NPS and firearms. The model is based on Semantic Analysis Expert System and artificial neural networks Semeion in order to enhance the content in a systen way, useful for providing early warning to decision makers.

We are in charge of the semantic technology part for knowledge representation, access prokects information quality. The methodology will rely on information automatically collected from a variety of public sources e.

Google DNI — Round 3. LETS-CROWD will be a security practitioner driven project, fostering the communication prpjects cooperation among LEAs, first responders, civil protection and citizens in the fight against crime and terrorism during mass gatherings by a set of cooperation actions.

Il progetto Opteemal Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platformcondotto da CARTIF, vuole sviluppare una piattaforma di progettazione in grado di individuare le migliori soluzioni di ottimizzazione energetica in lavori di ristrutturazione a livello di quartiere non solo di singolo edificio.

At Expert System, we consider technological innovation a key strategic asset for business development. The objective will be achieved combining social media monitoring and motivational technologies virtual coaches integrating chatbots. Want to learn more? Feb — Jun Type of Funding: Based also on existing market ready solutions, VIS will develop a newsrooms-ready product.

The PRESIDIO research project aims to provide a conceptual model for exploring and modeling the risk of chronic diseases, in this case depression, to propose new approaches in the management or research of these pathologies, from data sources. VIS will develop and roll out to publishers the first full fledged system for assisted fact-checking directly integrated in existing content management platforms but also accessible to individuals with a relevant impact on all the news production ecosystem.

Mixed Emotions analizza il profilo emozionale del comportamento del pubblico televisivo utilizzando i dati provenienti da fonti differenti: Il progetto IANCIS mira a realizzare una piattaforma, basata su un motore di analisi semeantica, in grado di navigare i siti della rete Onion, indicizzarli e raggrupparli semanticamente. Cyberbullying can trigger depression, substance use, and suicide systdm of young victims.

To this end, a better understanding of factors constituting violent radicalisation in Europe is needed, which aims,through a multidisciplinary analysis,to a comprehensive view of projets phenomenon, investigating its root causes, in order to develop appropriate countermeasures.

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SIEX — Semantic Information Exchanged aims to enhanc and facilitate the exchange of information between law enforcement authorities of the member states of the European Union. Data providers will be able to monitor users experience and collect feedback through the VRE, improving their capacity to adapt to end-user needs offering solutions to unlock scientist potentials and creativity.

May — Apr Type of Funding: The study will benefit from the findings of similar international projects; 4.

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