Doctor who star trek comic

Gordon Purcell signed edition. His team returns to the facility after dark. They find the researchers standing catatonically , with small cybernetic devices in their ears.

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Can the Doctor convince him to make the doctog choice? I suppose you could say the TNG characters are more realistic, but they are certainly less dramatic than Doctor Who characters or s Star Trek characters. There are no life signs either.

Woodward created the cover for this issue. Like his predecessors, whoo Cyber-controller proclaims that the Doctor will die and while he's jabbering about his victory, Data and the Conduit overpower the top bot, plug in, and restore the original Borg programming. Assimilation 2 Picard is adamant, refusing to open negotiations with the Borg.

These were collected in two graphic novels published on 9 October dpctor 26 February Assimilation 2 full indicia title Star Trek: Returning to the Enterprise, the away team is assembled. Gordon Purcell signed and remarked edition - a sketch of Doctor Who. Assimilation 2 Dynamic Forces retailer exclusive wraparound cover.

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Borg and Cybermen casualties are everywhere. As ofit is the only officially licensed crossover between the two franchises, though it remains non-canon in the Star Trek franchise.

He met her when she was but a child and later in her life when she aged to her twenty's, and can see that he hadn't aged a day. Our heroes launch a desperate mission behind enemy lines in hopes of ending the CyberBorg threat, but there's a traitor in their midst Thank you for keeping the discussion, and our community, civil and respectful. The captain cuts the transmission saying there will be no truce.

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Troi also brings up another thing she sensed - that they are as protective of him as he is of them, to which Amy admits the Doctor is alone in the universe and he needs them more than they need the Doctor. Assimilation 2 Captain Picard introduces the Doctor and his companions to Guinan.

When the Federation 's most terrifying enemy strikes an unholy alliance with stzr of the Doctor 's most hated antagonists, the result is devastation on a cosmic scale! The Conduit returns to the Enterprise with the away team. Sign In Don't have an account?

Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #1 | CBR

The epic crossover between the two greatest science-fiction properties of all time ends here! Geordi the engineer has bad news, though, as, despite Borg enhancements suggested by Conduit, the Enterprise cannot achieve sufficient speed to catch the Cyberman fleet before it reaches the Borg homeworld.

Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website. He informs the Pharaoh that the Vizier was in fact an escaped alien criminal who was planning to "harness the kinetic energy from the Nile to fire up a tachyon pulse inverter " and destroy half of the Earth in the process.

Doctor Who and Star Trek Crossover in Comic Form

Kirk describes an unusual incident at an archeological site. Kirk and his Enterprise. On the planet, they meet Captain Ochoa and Lt.

These memories and experiences that Captain Picard was forced to endure still haunt him. Phasers are useless and the Cybermen are closing in until the Doctor asks Kirk if he has any gold on him.

Worf escorts the trio cojic the ship's observation lounge. It began publication on 30 May in North America.

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Data fights back then Rory and Worf physically throw Conduit into the time vortex, ending the threat. Assimilation 2 Without stad for surrender first, the Borg, accompanied by another type of cyborg, launch a surprise attack on the largest cities of Delta IV. The Conduit, a drone designated to speak for the collective, explains that the Borg won't harm anyone in order to ensure their own continued existence.

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