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I personally think that the question should be - when will the client be able to used multi-cored processors efficiently. The game uses less than 1GB RAM and doesn't need, nor would it use the added memory a bit-licensed Windows machine opens up. CCP is in no way responsible for the content on or functioning of this website, nor can it be liable for any damage arising from the use of this website. It's working just fine. And also because I wondered how it would run.

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I kid I kid Is it six times as fast? Lord Ryan Donkey Hats This is why we can't have good things in EVE. Well, there's a huge amount of cache contention between the 6 threads. It seems like its probably been a backburner project for awhile. We are going to compare offerings from both Intel and AMD, single and dual core.

But really, WinXP was great, but it's 11 years old.

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Who knows, maybe none. Oh and Windows 98 and XP cannot access more than 3.

Progress is like that. The game uses less than 1GB RAM and bir need, nor would it use the added memory a bit-licensed Windows machine opens up.

The only real solution is quantum computing: That does it too. It is exactly what prompted the mention by CCP Falcon to mention 64 bit client.

You are a shining beacon of proof that EVE has become a more accessible game over the last few years. So I did some more research on this 64bit thing and came across the following graph in a devblog: The architecture 64bit vs 32bit the client is written for has nothing to do with the ability to split the thread over multiple cores.

One year seems pretty reasonable to me, but I've never made the upgrade on a codebase anywhere approaching the size of EVE. Open Comms Show View event page. Perhaps it's better to pull back from the agendas and read things as is, and not make up things, instead. You are a baboon. Submit a new text post.

Push-To-Talk View event page. In before relic computer user tears. That can be kind of janky.

The August EVE Online Update brings the Lucky Clash Event | The Ancient Gaming Noob

You know, the things that give a greater meaning to his saying the exact opposite of what you're claiming. Trades, trades and more trades.

Just imagine the amazfabolous things it could do? Email Address never made public. Personally, I have huge bits. All the heavy lifting in terms of math for things like Fleet fights are done on the server which has been bit sinceper CCP Explorer anyways.

The August 2017 EVE Online Update brings the Lucky Clash Event

Git fights like this because of the huge amount of data thats runnig through the client you can fill that up really fast. So that's not the citation asked for. It has nothing to do with the other words you are throwing at the discussion in a vain attempt to look intelligent. So far you have yet to demonstrate that changing to 64 bit will have a postive outcome that outweighs the costs of implementing it, and you managed to go straight for the ad hominem before we even finished page one of this thread.

I'd say tessellation and 64 bit can wait while CCP oonline on stuff we will enjoy more.

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