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Having a spare copy of your site backup outside your web server is a very good practice. Excellent - including how to trigger backups using e. Click here to see the two options. Akeeba LoginGuard currently supports the following second factors:

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Either of these processes is required every time you want a visitor to interact with your site in a more permanent manner, be it leaving a comment to an article or purchasing something from you. A real Two Step Verification system for Joomla! A CLI script which uses the front-end backup method.


Upload Your Site Backups to Google Drive Automatically with Akeeba Backup

We first need to upload the '. Read times Originally published on Thursday, 30 June The other problem is that you need the user to stay on the page. I back up a metric ton of websites which is a akseba when you consider how little a website actually weighs. Back to search results.

If your website is large there may be a number of files, extension ending '. You need a subscription to request support. Backhp archive contains all the files, a database snapshot and an installer similar in function to the standard Professkonal Instead of downloading files manually, it automatically synchronizes the on-line storage with a local copy.

The best thing about this software? Once Akeeba Backup finished creating the backup, it will automatically upload it to your Google Drive.

Support I don't remember ever needing support. Create a new backup profile in your Akeeba Backup control panel. Alex is a self-taught Microsoft Certified Professional. What's even better, it can do that for you automatically! However, its documentation, the troubleshooting wizard and searching the public tickets is free. You are now all set to authenticate this backup profile to work with your Google Drive.

The solution to that is Two Step Verification.

He enjoys learning Joomla and helping web site administrators make the most of it. It will tell you that "Akeeba Backup and Akeeba Solo wants to View and manage the files in your Google Drive" and asks if you allow this.

How To Restore Your Akeeba Backup

Do not use a value over 50 Mb; DropBox will reject the file. Normally, you should see the backup run through to its completion without warnings or errors. That's why I removed it. PHP is stateless language, i. How many engagements and sales have you lost to that outdated process? They were creating backups with the popular Akeeba Backup extension.

In this blog post, you will learn how to set it to automatically upload your Joomla site backups to Google Drive. Posted on 23 August If you have DropBox' client application installed on your computer, a short while after the backup is taken you will see the backup parts coming through to your computer automatically.

Posted on 04 October Its name will be similar to site-domain-nameutc. The Configuration Wizard configures itself for optimal operation with your site, automatically.

Click here to see the 'Site Settings' screen. Very simple to use, meaning the software must be quite advanced.

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