Cfa level 2 schweser 2014

With L2, you know that all questions have an answer based on formulas given. Like PBFsaid the most important part of the exam is practice for level two I did approximately 2, practice questions so when I went in to the exam I knew I was ready. I passed Level I this June. I say stick with what worked. Knowing which key topics to focus on is more important than ever in Level II.

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Also just signed up for L2 on Wednesday. Good quality and a great price.

CFA Level II exam: study notes enough - Schweser the best option?

Any insight is appreciated. That said, definitely do the CFA materials end of chapter questions.

However, I've heard the same thing; this is no easy feat. If anybody has any further advice, or can comment on my approach, that would be greatly appreciated.

It obviously can't hurt. I am going to take the CFA test next weekend and have a few questions not sure whom to ask Please pardon my relative absence from the boards in the meantime. cfq

I'm a little worried about this one ffa it has a reputation as a widowmaker. Not feeling totally fucked yet but I'm spending too much time reading and haven't done practice questions yet. Level 2 is a beast.

I did CFAi books the scyweser way through. IMHO the reading is important, but it'll really boil down to you cranking out large numbers of mock exams in the final run-up to the exam.

Mar schaeser, - 1: Good luck, the exam isn't easy. All books are in very good condition. The recommended study hours of for L2 seems unrealistic given its difficulty. Has anyone used Analyst Success L2? Anyone else just committed themselves to 6 months of misery?

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Probably more than hours, depends on how smart you are. Don't want to encourage bad study habits.

I also studied my arse off and work in finance, but I passed by a solid margin on the first try. This efficient, effective study tool is portable for quick self-quiz anywhere.

The -ve Schwfser accrual ratio suggests a decrease in the operating assets big time I'm assuming the buggers sold of inventories without replenishing, hence the accrual CF ratio is highly positive scwheser. Planning on taking mocks this next month, then taking some time off work the week of the test. Print quality is excellent.

Notify me when there are schwfser comments or replies on my discussion. I think I would probably pass if I took it today. I guess what I want to know is, how much will they scrutinize the L1 material?

Investment Banking Interview Questions. Level 2 is an exercise in brute force. I think this might help in many cases. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Intern Research Chicago Schwesre O.

Can't wait till I'm done with this shit

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