Barbie fairytopia magic of the rainbow

Back in the Magic Meadow, the pixies are flying again, and everyone is glad to see Elina. Azura tells Elina that the rainbow in her eyes means she is destined for great things. Life in the Dreamhouse — Dreamtopia —present Dreamhouse Adventures —present.

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Dainbow from " https: Retrieved 9 December Out of This World The Sensations: The Enchantress agrees, but Laverna breaks her promise to save the Blush and tries to destroy the First Blush of Spring.

Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow by Mary Man-Kong

It becomes evident as the fairies attend classes that Elina is a particularly gifted fairy. Despite the damage on the First Blush, the apprentices manage to coax it to open successfully. Views Read Edit View history. Rashmi rated it it was amazing Aug 10, The rainbos are safe.

Elina, a wingless flower fairy, and her puffball friend Bibble watch their fairy friend Dandelion fly with three pixies. The Barbir, ruler of Fairytopia, has instructed the seven guardians to appoint an apprentice each, and Azura wants Elina to be her apprentice.

Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow (Video ) - IMDb

This is so they don't get kidnapped by someone named Laverna who is already rumored to have kidnapped a fairy named Topaz. The plot centers on a wingless flower fairy named Elina who must save the land of Fairytopia from an evil fairy named Laverna. I thought that this was an ok book. This book was about a fairy school where you learn to dance and do fairy magic and they have to learn a rainbow dance to save spring.

To ask other readers questions about Barbie Fairytopiaplease sign up. They get on Hue but he breathes in some of Laverna's formula and Elina orders him to land so he can rest. Elina really thinks she can't actually get there, but Bibble and Dandelion volunteer to join her, and they leave the Magic Meadow. Magic of the Rainbow.

Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow (Barbie)

This page was last edited on 17 Septemberat Laverna, her throne, and her sceptre disappear. The guardians' necklaces make them lose their powers and they start transferring to Laverna.

In the morning, Azura wakes up Bibble and asks him barvie find Hue, who lives in the south; he needs to be given an important scroll.

Paperback16 pages. Laverna regains her fairy form and flies away. Elina thinks that Laverna is a myth, but Dandelion is unsure so she goes home to ask her mother. Meanwhile, Laverna has kidnapped another guardian: The trio enter a spooky forest and Dandelion flies up high to see if she can see a way out.

Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow

She transforms her henchman Max into a decoy to stay magiv the bog, while Laverna herself approaches Elina and tricks her into performing a Fairy Undoing Spell. Return to Book Page. Elissa rated it it was amazing Jul 22, Toy Story 2 My Scene: Magic of the Rainbowand two spin-offs Barbie Mariposa and Barbie: She takes the necklace off Azura and throws it at the crystal, breaking it.

Elina thinks that she has to go to Fairytown to see Azura, but Dandelion doesn't think it is a good idea; Elina has never left the meadow before, and it takes hours to get to Fairytown, even if you have wings. She urges Dandelion to go home before dark to avoid panicking her mother, so Rainhow leaves Elina and Bibble.

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