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Unlike the Metro, the Leaf 50 is an amplified design and uses an external preamp cartridge that installs in-line and uses either USB power from your TV or a supplied wall transformer. Simply peel off the protective backing and stick it on a window. A few other stations popped up briefly during scans, but none of the antennas could pull any of these in consistently.

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And your cash outlay will be minimal. If you are masetr enough to a TV tower on a high-band VHF channel, you may also have some success with reception simply because the field strength of the signal is so high.

Both it and the Leaf scored highly in my last test of editorr antennas in March of WTXF as received with pattern 2…. Forget about KJWP on channel 2!

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I might easily have had different results if I moved antennas to either side or changed their elevation. Editir took a few tries to get the feature video to play back correctly. Significantly, was the first year that pay TV companies saw a net loss of subscribers, even though it was only several tens of thousands.

It stands all of 3 inches tall and measures 3 inches in diameter at the top and 4 inches across its base. Plus, it provides access to more distant signals: I can now watch all three channels on my office TV without dropout, editro I could not do previously with other UHF panel antennas.

For this test, I went with a simple but reliable methodology: The ANT is certainly cheap, but missed too many easy stations.

I need to know details before I can give out mater practical advice. The low-band and high-band VHF stations in my area can be a bit of a challenge with that approach, but even adding a simple dipole element solves the problem.

Not the outside design, although the mounting pipe is smaller and lighter. Winegard is one of the oldest names in the TV antenna business, having started up in as analog TV broadcasting was just getting out of editr gate.

I left them out of the test. This design was really intended for reception of UHF stations and was intended to clip on to an extended rabbit ear. Channel 12 locked up beautifully as did all of the UHF stations.

Grandpa is laughing away somewhere…. Chanbel cool feature is speech recognition.

Nothing like sitting outside on a hot day and testing antennas! The USB port mentioned earlier is version 3. The most surprising thing I learned from this chanel of tests was that the cheapest antenna — msater bow tie — was also the most reliable. Channel 6 was a no-show on the ANT and troublesome on the Eclipse, and vice-versa for channel 9. Each antenna gave a good accounting of itself with the 4MAX taking top honors, pulling in 13 stations.

Simply peel off the protective backing and stick it on a window.

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At this point, you perform a channel scan on your own TV or set-top box to find out what you can receive. And some broadcast stations transmit standard definition TV on their sub-channels. Two accessory USB ports are provided for a Wi-Fi adapter and external storage internal storage of 16 GB amounts to only about 2 hours of recording. The Mohu Curve, bringing up the rear, was to be truthful kind of a flop. The same spectrum, as seen through the FlatWave Amped.

Almost twenty years ago, I began testing indoor and outdoor antennas to determine the best models. I suspect that was done to ensure against illegal copying and sharing of programs.

There was a two-way tie for 2 nd place between the Leaf 50 and FlatWave Amped.

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