Call of duty modern warfare 2 multiplayer maps

Login above or Click here to sign up for free. Game Guide Call of Duty: Its still great fun offline too. This map is divided distinctly into two sides by one tight choke point, the entrance to the plane from the terminal, and the wider, more open one, the escalators leading from the upper to the lower level.

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The latter can rip up enemies on such a small map, and if you live long enough to claim the former, hope for a Harrier or Helo, which can be murder on the other side. Good open spaces and a large cabin make for all rounded play.

Best Multiplayer Maps On Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - TheTopTens®

On these map you can play in every style duhy to close range fights and higher spots this is the an awesome map. A warehouse on the south faces an office building on the north side, and both have upper level windows to watch out for, though the warehouse is more exposed due to the mocern being a metal catwalk.

Upstairs in the office has only one staircase and can be protected well with a Claymore.

This map is brilliant in many different ways. Village at dusk with canal running north to south down the middle, buildings on both sides, many with interior access and upper floors with windows.

Introduction Act 1 S. Sick map, needs a remake.

Domination dyty seems like 1 big flag. Get a fal with a thermal and just go nuts and go around the back of the house if you're on demolition of course. Snowy submarine facility with multi-level buildings, exposed central courtyard and peripheral paths. Modern Warfare 2 and it is so fun during sp on the mission duyy you have to work with Makarov So many good memories on this map!

Inside the planes is close quarters combat, so a shotgun comes in very handy as your secondary weapon.

Multiplayer Maps - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Guide

So many long killstreaks just by tac knifing on this map. Urban desert with many interior building paths, some multi-level buildings, gas station with roof to the south, multi-level mosque at the north west.

The main flor is accessible from the front and the rear as well as from below via the basement stairs. This map has everything a multiplayer map needs: The central courtyard is surround by elevated rooftops and walkways, and most cross-map traffic seems to take place at the north and south sides for this reason. But with little cover it isn't as fun for stealthy people like myself. You can jump off the cliff if you land on the mattresses below. They remade it in Ghosts, that's how good it was.

Most fighting in DM seems to focus on the bunker, but watch for snipers on the perimeter of the map picking off those coming and going to the party in the middle.

You can also use this route to reach an elevated section in the north building. There are plenty of buildings to explore as you look for good sight lines, and many levels on this map. Small map with broken airplanes in middle and perimeter buildings on all four sides. I always get a quad or more. The fact that you can sneak up into you're enemy teams building is brilliant, and playing it on demolition is really fun. I love Favela it is the best you can stay in the Chris Smoove hiding spot and gets lot of kills.

I think this is the best map because it has an amazing close-quarters shooting area the building where Bomb A is and nice open areas on either side of it. Pokemon Go Posts - How many have you caught?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Maps

Teamwork can own this map by controlling the bridges and the south stairs, though this is more easily done from the north-east side of the map. See a factual error in these listings?

With the B flag on the center bridge in Domination, the north-east side is the one to take and control. Easiest map to nuke on muotiplayer my opinion. It is crazy and fun. Black Ops 2 Minecraft:

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