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Apple Watch Series 4 First Impressions. Most of you probably already have this if you have a recent Blackberry. A few days ago Google had announced that it would end support for the native Gmail application for the BlackBerry devices. With the Enhanced Gmail plugin for Blackberry, you can:

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Try it free for 30 days. This episode is sponsored by GotoAssist. Many changes that happen on the Gmail web interface are not reflected on the Blackberry.

Gmail BlackBerry Support Gets an Upgrade

Those who have already downloaded the app may continue to use it however Kanak Sharma Published: Android is better than iOS, and sometimes a choice has to be made between apples and oranges. Hit the break to learn the steps.

Price in India, launch offers, and more. This mysterious product isn't exactly what you'd expect it to be. Top features, compatibility, how to download and install. I am still learning my way around the interface, applications, and their options, and I have to admit — I can see the attraction to this platform. Until recently you could send and receive email using the standard IMAP protocol, but that fell far short of the functionality that many Gmail users want including labels, stars, and more — causing them to download a separate app to manage their Gmail.

Gmail Podcast A collection of short tips, tricks, and hints to help you be more effective with your Gmail account.

Finally, if you use the Blackberry Storm, this functionality is built in to version 2. November 22, 2: You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. An important setting here blacckberry the email account name which will appear on your home screen email icon. A few days ago my mobile phone at work was replaced with a Blackberry Curve.

Here's how you can still use Gmail on your BlackBerry device. Begin by pointing your Blackberry web browser to blackberry.

Enhanced Gmail Plugin For BlackBerry Now Available!

It was only blackverry couple days later that my Technorama co-host, Kreg Steppe, let me know that there is a new plugin available for the Blackberry that lets your standard Blackberry mail app work better with Gmail. By default, the icon shows your email address but users have the option of changing it.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel mgail. News Google ends support for its experimental smart reply app: I have no affiliation with Google other than as a satisfied Gmail user.

Finally, Gmail is rolling out the ability to easily import email and contacts from other email systems like AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Most of you probably already have this if you have a recent Blackberry. If you have an existing Blackberry mail setup to Gmail, you will need to remove it and recreate it.

Enhanced Google Mail System Requirements and Installation

You can then change the name which shall appear when sending emails. Special thanks to long time listener and Technorama co-host Kreg Steppe for pointing me to the Blackberry plugin. Opera Touch for iOS aims to offer convenience for one-handed use. Play in new window Download. To gmaol out more, visit the link to the Blackberry forums, found in the show notes on the Gmail Podcast website.

The short answer is that it is in the settings under accounts. A new message is composed with all the items in that list shown as bullet items and completed items are crossed off. Gmail now has a feature to email your task list. News Best smartphones under Rs 50, to buy this month.

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