Barbed wire 3d model

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Chainlink fence Barbed wire High detail. Lowpoly Barb Wire Obstacle 5.

Please read more at the Buy 3D Models page. Nice exercise in twisting, bending and spiraling. Fence with barbed wrie 3d model. Barb Wire Obstacle Collection. Heavy vehicles prohibited sign. We give discounts to our buyers. Barbed wire 3d model. Barbed Wire 3D modelHigh quality metal barbed wire, easy to custom to different length.

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Barbed wire 3D modelOnly cinema4d R10 has materials and textures. Barbed wire 3D model. We block any free email accounts because a lot of fraudsters use free emails for fraud payments. Barbed and razor wire 3D modelModel includes diffuse, normal map, alpha and specular x TGA textures Originally made in c4d exported to other formats.

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Barbed wire 3D Model. Lowpoly Barb Wire Obstacle 9. Fence with barbed wire 3D model.

Barbed-Wire-Fence-3D-Model - The Pixel Lab

Can be copied seamlessly side by side, to make a longer barbed wire fence. If you make one and use it, please post a picture! You can buy media at our marketplace quickly and easily, just in three clicks. A continuous spring of 40 cm. Check more info by follow link. I may add a latch to the gate, but I don't know that it's needed.

Add to Cart Buy it now. This model is low poly with detailed textures.

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