Aion 3.0 patch

Daevas can buy, build and customize theirs houses. Some changes in already existing skills were added. There will be special type of objects which will have unique features — like wardrobe which has separate slots than your normal warehouse, objects with access to shops ect. New level 60 Daevaion quest chain has been added. Otherwise, we reserve the right to oblige other sites to remove the text.

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Houses on Broker More luxury houses can be bought during action, tho character level will determinates if they can participate in auction of certain kind of house. This will be group instance man for players between levels ajon cooldown 24h.

All learnt designs will be lost. There will be spot in houses to place crafting table. Decorating house Daevas can customize and decorate theirs aionn Otherwise, we reserve the right to oblige other sites to remove the text.

What will be changed?

House objects aioon special features. New quests related to players houses were added. Players will have access to new area from? Daevas can buy or sell theirs houses on Broker, auction will be open up to two weeks and after the end highest bid wins.

Some changes in already existing skills were added. Depending on the house type, there will be limited amount of items that can be put in house. Also new skills will be added including one new Greater Stygma. New 60 level Daevaion series quest chain is added. During this special form, players will be able to use 3 skills: Basic one will be obtained from quest and all players above 21 level can get them, more luxury one can be bought from AH or upgraded in other way.

Aion Going Free-to-Play With 3.0 Update

In the Broker window new categories of items decorations, furnitures ect. Maps has been added to instances: What it will bring? Player can learn new crafting after that.

Also mounts will be added. New level 60 Daevaion quest chain has been added. Some mounts race specific can be bought in house zone, some can be obtained from instances. Also exp boost from Energy of Salvation and Energy of Respose between aioon levels have been adjusted.

Some more fixes and changes to already existing quests and campaigns.

Cap for Magic Boost has be adjusted. Campaign quests in Sarpan will aiob automatically acquired on 55 level, campaign quest for Tiamaranta will be automatically acquired on 58 level.

Summons will be released when player ride a mount, mount will be cancel when player will enter instance or certain zones. New 60 level series were added to be patxh with Crucible Insignias. Number above skill icon indicate how many times skill can be used. It will be group instance 6-man for players between level, with cooldown 6h. Also chat, trade, party invites will be impossible.

aion patch notes -

Both external and internal apperance can be customize. Some more changes and fixes to already existing areas. New type of skill has been added.

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