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Subscribe to the Free Printable newsletter. Left page has areas for work and personal todos, schedule and a list of who owes you what. Covey My 7 Habits Weekly Planner continues to be one of the most popular posts on my blog, despite have been posted over a year ago. After many trees were slaughtered what my colleagues must have thought as I held each print up to the window to see if the second page lined up with the first?

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Engineers didn't use LRFD until we were forced to, by lawyers, of all people. I do agree with Kootenaykid that the use of computer programs in imperative, and I try to model even the most rudimentary structures, even individual columns with more complex load combinations. Most of the older people I work with basically don't want to learn the new spec and rely on me to make the necessary adjustments to their calcs. In the end, people should want to use this code because it is better, not because they are forced to, which in most instances is the case. I'm not aware that it applies to private work.